Runner adjusting knee brace


Available in: Saskatoon (off-the-shelf, custom) | Warman (off-the-shelf)

Bracing is a therapy option that uses external braces on various limbs to provide support for unstable joints or ligaments. Our bracing specialist can offer a wide variety of pre-fabricated, patient-ready braces for conditions affecting most areas of the body:

  • ankle
  • knee
  • elbow and shoulder
  • foot
  • wrist and thumb
  • back

What can you expect?

We carry off-the-shelf braces for many different injuries and body parts. Please call ahead to ensure the brace you need is in stock and to have someone educate you and assist in fitting the brace.

If we don’t have the brace you need, we’ll measure, order, and fit one for you in a timely manner. Occasionally, there are some circumstances when a custom brace is recommended.

All bracing appointments are free of charge.

In a typical scenario, a custom-fit brace purchase requires two appointments.

  1. An initial consultation takes place where product options are discussed, sizing and measuring occur, and payment takes place.
  2. Once the product arrives, another appointment is scheduled where we ensure proper fit and review care and maintenance instructions.

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